Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Ban All Activities! | Real Science
Nothing is safe. Even walking on the boardwalk.

The government needs to immediately ban all activities – to keep us safe from terrorism, accidents and disease.
Three Years After Deepwater | Real Science
A blowout at a BP oil well in 2010 caused the usual crowd of morons to declare that the ecosystem would never recover. In this case, never was about three months.
Climate study finds more bad news for the planet | canada.com
[Warmist Tom] Karl said that over the past 50 years average global temperatures have been increasing consistently at a rate of about 1.5 C per decade.  [Via WL]
A Conversation With Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham About A Vital Need To Restore Climate Science Integrity - Forbes
To paraphrase one response to our NASA letters: “Why should we pay attention to what you say, you’re just a dumb astronaut.”

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