Friday, August 23, 2013


Die Klimazwiebel: Hans von Storch and Eduardo Zorita: on our paper on stagnation an trends
Our paper does not represent a crises of the understanding of the climate system, but a wake-up call that scenarios have to be prepared better, and that all impact studies should expect that details of future scenarios concerning speed of change and intensity of natural variability may be described quite differently.
Why Is CO2 Rising? Biosphere Destruction Is The Primary Source, And Not Fossil Fuel Burning
The world’s lungs are suffering from TB, timber burning.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Hilton Hypocrites Again Introduce a "Green" Project: Useless and Ugly Rooftop Wind Turbines
This is Hilton's idea of a romantic paradise for greenies:

    ... the hotel plans to build a small restaurant and lounge, nestled on the roof between the solar panels and wind turbines, creating an ecological oasis 200 ft above the beach.
JC on NPR | Climate Etc.
So while I don’t have any big complaints about the story and a few direct quotes were modified in minor ways, the implication that I am mostly about the politics and policies surrounding climate change is just wrong. I see this as a missed opportunity to discuss the science and the changing dynamics of the climate debate after climategate. But what do I know about what makes a good story for NPR.
- Bishop Hill blog - Judith Curry on NPR
Her humility and integrity are a stark contrast to the bluster and demands for behaviour change that spew from her critics.

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