Friday, August 23, 2013


Race to save Ecuador's Yasuní national park from oil lobby | Environment |
Correa has gone on the offensive, accusing ecologists and his critics of being naive, and saying poverty destroys nature faster than the oil industry. "The real dilemma is this: do we protect 100% of the Yasuní and have no resources to meet the urgent needs of our people, or do we save 99% of it and have $18bn to defeat poverty?" he said. "There are groups that are politicising the Yasuní-ITT issue to finally 'beat' the government, and especially to manipulate young folk."
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Review finds the Medieval Warming Period in the Arctic was warmer than the present
A new review by Dr. Craig Idso of the peer-reviewed literature on the Medieval Warm Period in the Arctic concludes, "It is clear that the suite of measurements described in the studies reviewed above continues to indicate that the Arctic - which climate models suggest should be super-sensitive to greenhouse-gas-induced warming - is still not even as warm as it was several centuries ago during portions of the Medieval Warm Period, when there was much less CO2 and methane in the air than there is today, which facts further suggest that the planet's more modest current warmth need not be the result of historical increases in these two trace greenhouse gases."
56% Increase In Arctic Ice Since Last Year | Real Science

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