Friday, August 02, 2013


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The thrust of the fellows' argument is that Inhofe is trying to prevent them getting their way on the climate change issue. However, their presentation of the issue as a moral one seems to rely on an argument that Inhofe is a bad man. And why is he a bad man? Well, because he is trying to prevent them getting their way on the climate change issue.
Increasingly Fracktured Parties to the Climate Debate | Notes on a Scandal
I AM a contrarian. I set myself up in opposition to everything and everyone who seeks to muddy the waters of the climate debate and unnecessarily prolong a much needed and very overdue root and branch reassessment of the entire science of anthropogenic global warming. I do not have a political agenda and I try very hard to assess each issue on its particular merits, not according to a pre-programmed mindset.
Ontario’s Predictable Energy Disaster; Mortgaged To Falsified Climate Science. The Solution Is Readily Available.
The Province of Ontario is a classic example of the damage done by the false science of global warming and latterly climate change. The major response was to abandon traditional energy sources in favour of alternate energies and Ontario followed that path led by Maurice Strong, architect of the false science. It has been a disaster in every country or region around the world that took the same route. Fortunately, albeit sadly, those places are now examples of the solutions Ontario must pursue to get back on track.
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I recently came across an image of the Strata, a skyscraper in south London with built in wind turbines. will stand as a monument to the idiocy of environmentalists.

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