Friday, August 02, 2013


U.S. coal state lawmakers seek regulatory relief from EPA chief - Reuters News - Point Carbon
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 (Reuters) - Democrats from West Virginia, concerned about jobs in the major coal-producing state, urged President Barack Obama's chief environmental regulator to be flexible when putting in place future federal curbs on carbon emissions.
Twitter / RainforestPrtnr: Call to action and our wake ...
Call to action and our wake up call: Humans produce 90 mil tons of CO2 daily. CO2 Lifespan is 10k-20k years @algore #Reality #CRinCHI
Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Witch Hunt at DOI | The SPPI Blog
Such moralizing would be funny were it not for the chilling effect it is bound to have in an agency already mired in group think.
Electric car farce as councils spend £7.2m on charging points 'that are never used' | Mail Online
One in six councils have a point which has not been used in a year
Less than a third have a point used on average more than once a week
Guardian Thinks A Pleasant Summer And An End To Drought Is Extreme Weather | Real Science

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