Saturday, August 17, 2013


Washington Becomes Burma On Climate Science…Krauthammer Calls It “Appalling…Anti-Scientific…Scandalous”
Charles Krauthammer, a doctor of psychiatry, calls Sally Jewell’s most recent comments about “climate change deniers” in her department:
…shockingly arrogant and anti-scientific. The idea that science is closed and that a science is settled, and that anybody who brings evidence and questions it, is suddenly somehow a flat-earther is appalling. … The idea of science is that you are open to contrary evidence. It’s the definition of a scientific theory. And particularly climate science, which is young and is new – it’s built on all kinds of assumptions and data which contradict each other. The idea that it is a closed issue is incredibly unscientific and arrogant. And that these bureaucrats and political hacks are decreeing this is scandalous.”
It’s official: We have the right to question science! | The View From Here
Notwithstanding the above, while Pachauri appears to have doffed his “world’s leading climate scientist” hat in favour of a considerably more modest “noted environmentalist” hat, he (or someone who should know better!) is still promoting an image of himself (as you will see below) as a “Nobel Peace Laureate, 2007″.

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