Saturday, August 17, 2013


Six Times As Many Fires In 1938 | Real Science
Obama says that fires are getting worse, because he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.
North Pole : August 2013 Vs. August 1962 | Real Science
August 1962 : melted (Arctic experts tell us that the ice was very thick in the 1960s)
Beetles To Kill All Pine Trees By The Year 1987 | Real Science

Could Obama Have Stopped Hurricane Camille? | Real Science
The prophet Hussein was only eight years old when hurricane Camille hit 44 years ago today, with 200 MPH winds. Had he been living in the US, I wonder if he could have stopped the storm – or did he not develop the power to control the climate until he got older?
Over A Quarter Of The World’s Population (1.8 Billion People) Have Never Seen Global Warming In Their Lives
Soon global warming will be a thing of the past; adults won’t know what it is.

Almost half of all Africans have never seen it
Dept. of You-Can’t-Use-The-Interior: Keystone XL would disturb wildlife, visitors to national parks |
The pipeline would be underground for God’s sake — in a region where there are already many pipelines.

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