Monday, August 12, 2013


UN Announces That 0.00C Warming Since The Year 2000 Is Unprecedented | Real Science
The unprecedented warming is plainly visible in satellite data – which shows an increase of 0.00 degrees since the start of the year 2000.
But it is worse than it seems. The new century actually began in 2001. Even the UHI afflicted surface data shows a decline this century.
Belief In Man Made Global Warming Key To RFS2 Political Support; A Peek Behind The Curtain - Robert Wagner - Seeking Alpha
In conclusion: History has a way of repeating itself, and for investors that base their decisions upon AGW and climate change, the 1980 presidential election provides a good case study as to what one might expect for a portfolio based on AGW. In this article I tried to review some of the problems unbiased and objective people may have if this science is ever heavily scrutinized by the US congress. Just recently we witnessed how political pressure can influence the EPA, and if the EPA is willing to bend during an extremely supportive administration, it will likely break when there is no political support. This article is not to settle the argument whether or not AGW/Climate Change exists, only to highlight some issues that may present a problem if this issue is ever given a fair hearing in Congress. If it does, I would expect the returns of AGW based portfolios will be severely reduced, and many of the wind, solar, ethanol and other biofuels firms are almost certain to go bankrupt. In my opinion, betting one's retirement money on the hope that Toto will never looks behind the curtain to reveal that the wizard is just a man, of for the boy not to cry "the emperor has no clothes" is not a sound investment strategy.
Global Warming Alarmism Memorably Debunked | Heartlander Magazine
The science presented to support global warming alarmism, Fone says, was convincingly debunked well before the formation of the IPCC, even before the Thatcher government poisoned the political well with her brief but damaging alliance with global warming alarmists. Sadly, it was political intervention that encouraged some agenda-driven scientists to manipulate the evidence to support their political masters, who then rewarded them with lucrative research grants. This created the foundations of a corrupt, self-sustaining industry driven by politics and money.

Fone presents a compelling narrative of why the mythical human-caused global warming crisis is a dangerous illusion. I highly recommend this book.
Understanding Climate Denial | Real Science
I ride my bicycle everywhere, and object to fraudulent government funded science.

Barack Obama arranges for private jets to transport his dog, and takes long vacations every two or three weeks. He says that people who don’t believe in fraudulent government funded science are evil climate deniers.

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