Monday, August 12, 2013


Can climate models explain the recent stagnation in global warming? | Hans von Storch -
Of the possible causes of theinconsistency, the underestimation of internal natural climate variability on decadal time scales isa plausible candidate, but the influence of unaccounted external forcing factors or anoverestimation of the model sensitivity to elevated greenhouse gas concentrations cannot be ruledout. The first cause would have little impact of the expectations of longer term anthropogenicclimate change, but the second and particularly the third would
▶ Decision making under uncertainty - YouTube
[Six minutes of AGW propaganda from warmist Andrew Dessler]
BBC News - Heatwave helps boost some Wales tourist destinations
Soaring summer temperatures have given a big shot in the arm to many parts of the tourist industry in Wales, early reports suggest.

Tourist numbers at some of Wales' favourite destinations surged after some of the best July weather in years.
Climate change bus tour comes to Maine ::
The bus tour is organized by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for American Progress, the Environmental Defense Fund, the National Wildlife Federation and other conservation and public-interest groups.

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