Monday, August 12, 2013


Twitter / DrShepherd2013
many of us may see a cool snap this week. Be ready to remind some "weather is mood, climate is personality"
Twitter / KHayhoe: This blew my mind: marine species ...
This blew my mind: marine species moving poleward 10x faster than terr. species, ~7km/yr. Phytoplankton ~100x faster
Twitter / KatrinaNation: How many Obamacare defunders-- ...
[retweeted by left-wing political hack Michael Mann] How many Obamacare defunders-- (the new birthers), immigrant bashers & climate change denialists on people's airwaves this morning?Too many.
Twitter / MichaelEMann
.@morgfair @BadAstronomer @thenation Thx to @lhfang for this. #Rohrabacher's antiscientific zealotry unbefitting of public office. #Disgrace

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