Friday, August 02, 2013


Richard Tol climate poll

Twitter / rebmoti: Hm, looks like @GinaEPA is ...
Hm, looks like @GinaEPA is done with her twitter Q&A. Half-hour, 9 questions, 2 from other cabinet officers. More, please. #askginaepa
Twitter / mbybee: @rebmoti @GinaEPA That can't ...
@rebmoti @GinaEPA That can't possibly be the extent of it - that was far too short to be useful, and most of the answers weren't.
#AskGinaEPA global warming Twitter chat today |
People will stop talking about the EPA's job-killing ways when the EPA stops killing jobs.
Will climate change trigger endless war? | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment |
So will climate change trigger endless war? On a business as usual trajectory, quite probably.
US companies don't want to talk about preventing climate change disasters | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
What no one talked about, though, was the urgency of preventing climate disasters by regulating carbon emissions.

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