Wednesday, August 07, 2013


A New App Will Let You Share Your Leftovers With Strangers : All Tech Considered : NPR
[The environmental concern] is a big part of it
Hedge Funds Make Record Bearish Corn Bets on Supply: Commodities - Businessweek
Record crops from the U.S. to Brazil to Ukraine will expand world inventories by 23 percent to 152.36 million tons in a year, according to the average of 12 predictions.
▶ The Steamy Video - it's steam stupid! - YouTube
Global Warming revisited is a new video series from the Galileo Movement that reviews the current state of the Climate Change Debate. In this first video we look at the tricks Media and Alarmists use to portray steam as pollution.
Twitter / RealityDrop: .@SenatorShaheen Sustainability ...
.@SenatorShaheen Sustainability is the first step to beating the #climate crisis. The next is to #DestroyDenial @RealityDrop

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