Wednesday, August 07, 2013


EPA Throws Their Hat Into The Temperature Fraud Arena | Real Science
They show that perhaps 50 % of the US was hot in 1936.
Sadly for the climate liars at the EPA, the US Weather Bureau actually kept records of these things at the time. Almost the entire US was overheated during the summer of 1936.
Twitter / GalileoMovement: Its STEAMY and you know it! ...
Its STEAMY and you know it! Our new video takes aim at the @ABCNews24 @ABC_NewsRadio @ABC @abc who dishonestly portray CO2 as steam
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds ice ages explained even with constant levels of CO2
A paper published today in Nature finds that ice ages in the Northern Hemisphere can be explained by Milankovitch cycles and the unique geography of the North American ice sheet, finding, "the crucial mechanism for the 100,000 year cycles is the delayed glacial isostatic rebound which keeps the ice elevation low, and, therefore, the ice ablation high, while the ice sheet retreats."
C3: The Arctic: Extreme Climate & Temperature Change Naturally Happens, CO2 A Trivial Force
Extreme temperature changes across the Arctic regions are a common occurrence over history - not only does anecdotal evidence corroborate these climate changes but the empirical evidence is indisputable: Arctic temperature swings are big and frequent, and they happen regardless of CO2 emissions
Visualizing US Summer Warming Since 1936 | Real Science
Uncontrolled global warming has caused US summers to cool about 15 degrees since 1936. Write your Congressperson and demand that they cooperate to put an end to this.

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