Saturday, August 10, 2013


Arctic Screaming Finally Decoded | Real Science
For the first time, I can reveal exactly what the Arctic is screaming to the experts.
Don’t for a second imagine we’re heading for an era of renewable energy | Grist
For all President Obama’s talk of a green technology revolution, we remain deeply entrenched in a world dominated by fossil fuels, with the only true revolution now underway involving the shift from one class of such fuels to another. Without a doubt, this is a formula for global catastrophe. To survive this era, humanity must become much smarter about this new kind of energy and then take the steps necessary to compress the third carbon era and hasten in the Age of Renewables before we burn ourselves off this planet.

Michael T. Klare
Who’s Cooling Who? | Talking About the Weather
Among the surprising pieces of [Walt Meier's] end of our e-mail exchange: His willingness to jump on the story that the North Pole cam was capturing something significant in terms of melting.
Wacky weather changing Iowans’ climate change perceptions | TheGazette
The questionnaire, which is sent to about 2,000 Iowa farms with half of them responding, also found that the percentage of farmers who think climate change is caused by human activity increased from 10 percent in 2011 to 17.3 percent this year.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Now I am really fired up... ...
Now I am really fired up... Coldest summer ever measured north of 80 north... The warmingista summer of no ice.NOT

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