Saturday, August 10, 2013


Warmist prof: ‘Need to demonize’ investors to end fossil fuel era |

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[Michael Levi] As a matter of substance, there’s pretty much no one beyond Jim Hansen willing to come close to endorsing the “game over” claim.
In his second term, Obama becomes bolder on the environment - The Washington Post
When Gina McCarthy first met with Obama in the Oval Office on Jan. 10 to discuss the prospect of heading the Environmental Protection Agency, she recalled, “the first words out of his mouth was the need for EPA to focus on climate.”
In a May 13 meeting with environmentalists, Natural Resources Defense Council President Frances Beinecke recalled, McDonough said the president considers global warming a personal issue because it will affect his children. “He said, ‘We’re committed to this, and if you think this isn’t happening, my door’s open, my phone line’s open,’ ” Beinecke said.
Put the #HeatOnDenial
This month, The Climate Reality Project plans to destroy persistent climate myths once and for all through our #HeatOnDenial campaign. And we need your help to do it.
Twitter / MichaelEMann: .@ClimateHotNews Wow @CBSNews ...
.@ClimateHotNews Wow @CBSNews skillfully avoids any mention of #climatechange in lengthy piece on extreme weather/heatwaves. #ClimateSilence

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