Saturday, August 10, 2013


Slowest Arctic Melt On Record | Real Science
The past two weeks normally produce the fastest Arctic ice loss of the year, about 750,000 km². This year, less than half that much ice melted.
John Cook : Rats Cause Global Cooling | Real Science
Earlier this week, Jeff Masters explained that global warming is causing rats to take over the earth, and The Washington Post announced that the vermin have already taken over Washington DC.

John Cook has followed up with this by theorizing that rats cause global cooling.
...Does this mean that rats are a negative feedback?
Alaska Glacier Retreated Fifteen Feet Per Day During Hansen’s Coldest Years On Record | Real Science
Hansen also tells us that glacial melt is due to global warming, and is going to drown Manhattan by the year 2008.
[Back when CO2 was at "safe" levels]: Drought, Tornados, Blizzards and Floods All in the 1930s
The Great Plains region has always been known for unpredictable weather and natural disasters – tornadoes, hail storms, blizzards, floods, drought, summer heat and winter cold. Farming on the Great Plains has always been a battle against the weather. But the weather during the 1930s was far beyond the natural cycle of seasons. The weather during the Dust Bowl days set records that still stand in Nebraska history and still stand out in farmers' memories.
The Hastings Tribune reported that by July 15, 1934, central Nebraska had experienced more than 20 days with temperature over 100 degrees, including one day of 112 degrees. That year was followed by 1935 when Nebraskans experienced one of the worst dust storms ever, followed by a killer flood, then more heat.

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