Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Conflicts between climate and energy priorities | Climate Etc.
Which imperative is more ‘moral’ – to insist on reduced fossil fuel emissions over concern about what might happen > 50 years hence, in a future world that we can hardly imagine, or to support energy equity in the developing world and concretely improve lives in the here and now? How would cost/benefit analysis of this tradeoff even be conducted? What is the ‘morality’ here?

To those scientists that are advocating for a global emissions reduction policy, have you thought this one through (Jim Hansen seems to have)? This is one of the issues that makes the climate change problem so wicked.
South Dakota August Temperatures Plummeting Over The Last 80 Years | Real Science
With the hottest part of the month over, this August is already one of the 10 coldest on record in South Dakota.

President Obama says that the US is heating out of control.
Spoof gospel choir protest climate change at HSBC > Liverpool News > News | Click Liverpool
During the demonstration, Reverend Billy said: "HSBC is the devil. I can feel their poison. It's coming into my body."
"The floods, the fires, the droughts - these are the people responsible for these tragedies - we're running out of time so act now.
"We have got to have some discipline. I urge you all to rise up and take your money out of HSBC.
"The people in this bank are criminals and they want to kill us all."
NBC: Steyer’s anti-Keystone ad ‘violates our guidelines’ - The Hill's E2-Wire
A spokesman for NBC-owned WRC-TV said Wednesday morning that “after a careful review, it was determined that this ad violates our guidelines. We have communicated that to the advertiser.”

The billionaire climate activist Steyer, through his NextGen Climate Action group, sought time for the ad that mockingly portrays Russ Girling, the CEO of pipeline developer TransCanada Corp., as a lying and evil oil baron.

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