Wednesday, August 07, 2013


When global warming finally gets going, it could last for 200,000 years - Quartz
Taken together, these studies show that the climate shift we’ve already set in motion could last much, much longer than previously thought. Even if we don’t see the effects, countless generations of our descendants will. An abrupt drop in CO2 emissions now, Norris said, could see the climate drop back down to pre-industrial norms in less than 1,000 years. But if emissions continue to rise for another century, global warming could last for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years thereafter.
Santa Fe Drought Warning : “Recent heavy rains have saturated the ground” | Real Science
Yesterday, the LA Times declared that Santa Fe would never recover from the drought.

The National Weather Service is warning today of more flash floods in Santa Fe because the ground is saturated with rainwater.
Minnesota August Afternoon Temperatures Plummeting Since 1930 | Real Science
Must be all that fossil fuel burning, or missing heat, or missing Arctic ice, or climate disruption, or Chinese aerosols, or ……
SkepticalScience goes Godwin-Nazi or something « JoNova
Was someone at SkepticalScience plotting to pretend evil skeptics created these pictures? (… surely not.)

Brandon Schollenberger found them on the SkS forum. Admire the effort taken to get the SkS penguins, the leaf insignia on the hat, the lapels, the button…
Bad Astronomer likens warmism to quality of Newtonian mechanics — not as good as relativity but close enough |
Has there ever been a 17-year pause in F=ma?

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