Monday, August 05, 2013


Learning from Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project | The Vancouver Observer
[Australian Amy Huva] I packed my bags, got on a flight to Chicago and tried not to think about the carbon I was burning to get to a climate training session.
...Lessons learned included details such as what to do with your hands when you’re speaking on stage, how to have the carbon conversation with your ‘Republican Uncle Charlie’ (most of the training was very U.S.-centric), where you can reach common ground, and how to discuss shared values when you may not agree with each other.

We looked at social media, heard from a seriously kickass grassroots organiser from Chicago. One of them was Kim Wasserman, who worked for 15 years to shut down a coal power station in her community that was killing 40 people each year from the pollution
Taxpayer funded researcher: Climate change will change the climate for a long time |
[University of Hawaii warmist Richard Zeebe] “The legacy of our fossil fuel burning today is a hangover that could last for tens of thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands of years to come.”
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds more evidence the Medieval Warming Period was global
A new paper published in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology reconstructs climate in Kenya, Africa over the past 1700 years and finds evidence of a Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age, adding to the papers of over 1,200 scientists who have proven these climate phenomena were global, not local as claimed by Michael Mann. The authors also find that "the Little Age Ice was the wettest and most humid period of the entire record," contrary to the claims of climate alarmists that warmer climates cause increased flooding. The authors also find, "From the late-18th to early-19th century and again in the 1870’s, the region experienced two episodes of drought more severe than any recorded in historical time," once again demonstrating that man-made CO2 is not the control knob of climate.

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