Monday, August 05, 2013


What Would a Bad Job Look Like?
There is one final reason why Pachauri is a disaster as chairman of the IPCC. He, himself, has acknowledged that the process is rigged.
Hear former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm speak on climate change in Muskegon |
MUSKEGON, MI – Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm acknowledged the irony of speaking about climate change on a chilly summer day in Muskegon.
A couple dozen supporters showed up to welcome the bus tour, bearing signs saying “I will.”
Comedian Lee Camp: NASA climate change video shows ‘we’re f*cked by 2100′ | The Raw Story
“It makes the problems in the movie Independence Day seem downright manageable,” Camp said.

Weather Underground co-founder Jeff Masters told the Weather Channel the effects highlighted in the video are already manifesting by the increase in extreme weather over the past three years.”

“We’re only at 400 parts per million,” Masters said to the Weather Channel. “I shudder to think what it’s gonna be like if we hit 550 or 800, like we’re talking about for the end of the century.”
Twitter / ClimateOfGavin: New hashtag for anyone to provide ...
New hashtag for anyone to provide constructive suggestions for #CMIP6 (which is being discussed this week). Happy to pass ideas along...

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