Monday, August 05, 2013


A Summary Of The State Of Global Warming Science | Real Science
Confirmation Bias
Garbage statistics...
Global warming: Denial article says Michael Mann doesn't understand science
[Another idiotic global warming hoax analogy from warmist Phil Plait] Here’s a concrete example: If I stand in a room in my house and drop a rock, it will fall and hit the floor every time. It will also take very close to the same amount of time to fall every time, over and over, even if I drop it a million times. We understand gravity well enough to state that with pretty firm conviction.
...once that rock is falling, the science is good enough to know I should move my foot.
Wind Energy: The 'Greenfellas' Connection | Trending Central
A new Europol report cites an “emerging trend” of Mafia involvement in the wind and renewable energy industry across Europe, the Americas and Australia. The attraction is clear: huge subsidies, guaranteed markets and prices – and a serious opportunity for money-laundering.
Great minds like a think: Criticizing that NYT climate-change op-ed |
Climate "science" has become a cottage industry for those involved in it, and all have an interest in promoting apocalyptic scenarios.

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