Monday, August 05, 2013


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AGU releases Revised Position Statement on Change: Hilites how human actvties R changng clim & soc impacts
The Blackboard » Pawoopsie Bridge Might Be Out (so we must act on climate change?)
There seems to be something about climate change that spawns really stupid analogies. Today’s is penned by a William Skaggs posting at Scientific America.
The Real Alarmist Disaster Comes Next Year | Real Science
There has been a massive increase in Arctic sea ice since the first week of August 2012 (green area below) – but it is worse than it seems. Note that almost all of the new ice is on the Alaska side of the Arctic, This means that almost all of the remaining ice in a few weeks will also survive the winter (i.e. not get transported out the Fram Strait.)

By next spring, it is all multi-year ice and thus harder to melt going into next summer.

The undeath spiral continues.
Arctic Sea Ice Obliterates Record For Slow Melt | Real Science
Normally the past two weeks produce the rapidest melt of the year. This year there has been almost no loss of ice area since July 24.
More Than Two Thirds Of The US Below Normal Temperature In 2013 | Real Science

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