Sunday, August 11, 2013


European Institute For Climate And Energy Calls Climate Protection “An Absurd Science”…Says Models Flawed
...they’ve reached a conclusion that is best summed up by veteran meteorologist and EIKE spokesman Klaus-Eckhart Puls at the 0:28 mark:
Politicians have empowered an absurd science called ‘climate protection’. In it they strive to attain a certain climate by turning CO2 knobs and meeting a 2°C target within a climate system that we know is highly complex. It’s simply absurd.”
Puls says the same about politicians calling plant-food CO2 a pollutant or a “climate killer“.
The “Record Temperatures” Con Trick | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
...But how far back do these stations date to? We can check through the NOAA database. The results, as illustrated below, show that no station dates to before 1939, and most have only been operational since the mid 20thC. In other words, none go back to the much hotter years in the 1930’s.
August 1896 Heatwave Killed 1,500 New Yorkers | Real Science

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