Monday, August 05, 2013


Persistent Cold Weather Keeps Thwarting German Efforts To Fight Warming!
Alarmist site Klimaretter here, quoting the AGEB report, attributes the increased energy use to “the comparably long winter and the cool spring“.
Why are publicly-funded scientists allowed to keep their work secret? |
How are we to know that the nation is not paying for mathematical errors, unreliable methods, deliberate bias, peer-review collusion, outright fakery, or even criminal activity and fraud?
Shock News : Miami Is Not Drowning | Real Science
Contrary to the mindless hysteria being funded and promoted by the White House, satellite data at Miami Beach shows almost no change in sea level this century.
Quietest Tornado Season On Record | Real Science

Arizona Suffering From Exceptional Non-Drought | Real Science
The US Drought Monitor shows northeastern Arizona in extreme to exceptional drought.
PMDI correctly shows that northeastern Arizona has no drought
- Bishop Hill blog - Akasofu's model
The model essentially superimposes a multidecadal oscillation on an upward linear trend representing the recovery from the little ice age, and it gets attention because it performs so well.

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