Monday, August 05, 2013


Second Quietest Fire Season On Record Continues | Real Science
There are no fires burning in the southwestern US, and cumulative burn acreage is about half of normal for this date.
Walt Meier Having Counting Issues? | Real Science
Earth to Walt. Arctic ice extent is the highest in the last nine years. What is remarkable is how the thin rotten decayed ice made such a spectacular rebound this summer.
What Lie Will They Use This Winter? | Real Science
Last winter they blamed all the cold and snow on missing Arctic ice. With Arctic ice extent now close to the highest in a decade, what lies will the experts fabricate for the cold weather in the coming winter?
Quietest Hurricane Season On Record To Date | Real Science
There have been no hurricanes in the Atlantic yet this year.
By this date in 1886, the US had already been hit by four hurricanes – with two major hurricanes on the way.
Green vandals | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Comedian Griff Rhys Jones isn’t laughing about the green madness that’s turning Britain’s countryside into an industrial park

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