Friday, August 02, 2013


Scientists love to hate greens, because what greens say matters | Simon Lewis | Science |
The mild green view is that human society must profoundly change to live within environmental limits. The strong view is that capitalism is ultimately unsustainable.
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NEWSFLASH! U.K. Met Office's MyClimateAndMe has had facelift - and "disappeared" all trace of Marcott alarmism try:
Scandinavian workers flown in to maintain British wind farm - Telegraph
Another row has emerged over “British jobs for British workers” after it emerged teams were being flown in from Scandinavia to maintain a new £1billion wind farm off the Lincolnshire coast.
Twitter / flimsin: @dana1981 I was just wondering: ...
@dana1981 I was just wondering: how many contrarians or sceptics have you met in person?
Twitter / ret_ward: New paper on the Earth's climate ...
New paper on the Earth's climate 3 million years ago, the last time it was more than 2 degrees warmer
Twitter / tan123: .@ret_ward So did positive ...
.@ret_ward So did positive feedbacks cause the Earth to become permanently uninhabitable?

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