Friday, August 02, 2013


Twitter / MarionDupont: Natural gas by @algore : Is ...
Natural gas by @algore : Is the glass half full or half empty? It doesn't matter because the sky is already completely full. #CRinCHI
Twitter / ClimateDesk: Global warming could lead to ...
Global warming could lead to tens of thousands more rapes, murders, assaults
Twitter / etzpcm: Good point on the @flimsin ...
Good point on the advocacy debate from - science organisations have become advocates
It's climate scientists, not concern trolls who champion the scientific method | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment |
I've had extensive dealing with contrarians over the past seven years and have yet to see more than one or two display any sort of real skepticism.
Scientists Discover Link Between Global Warming and Temper Flare Ups | Valley News
So that implies essentially about 40 percent to 50 percent more chance for African wars than it would be without global warming, said Edward Miguel, another Berkeley economist and study co-author...Miguel acknowledges that many other factors play a role in conflict and said it’s too soon to see whether conflict from warming will outweigh peace from prosperity [Wait, what?!]: “It’s a race against time.”

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