Friday, August 02, 2013


The Reference Frame: Ex-HEP climate scientist urged to get arrested, hesitates
Even some of the most impartial and independent climate scientists – those imported to the discipline from the Fermilab – were motivated by political or ideological goals when they were deciding whether they would start to do the research of climatology. Just to be sure, if climatology were a full-fledged science, people would study it not because they care about the environment but because they want to understand how the climate system has worked, is working, and will work.
Germany - June Temps Way Below Model Projections
The divergence between observed and model-projected global temperatures keeps getting broader. Too bad Obama’s advisers didn’t tell the president that.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New satellite dataset finds global temperatures decreased from 1982-2006
A new peer-reviewed paper published in Energy & Environment analyzes 24 years of data from the European Meteosat weather satellite and finds global temperatures decreased over the period 1982-2006.
No more Czechs for renewable power | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The politics of useless green gestures costs too much for the Czech Government:
IPCC finally starts to cool down | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The Economist says the IPCC may have finally agreed it exaggerated just how much man’s gasses would warm the planet

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