Monday, August 19, 2013


Twitter / RyanMaue: Guardian article agrees IPCC ...
Guardian article agrees IPCC reports likely have run course, time to scrap & use research money more wisely elsewhere
Twitter / skepticscience: Must-read slideshow comparing ...
Must-read slideshow comparing disinformation playbook of tobacco industry & climate deniers
Al Gore at Work: $8.7 Billion to 'Repair Sound Barrier'? - Mark Baisley - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary - Page full
And the fact that even at this late point in the article you don’t know that I’m kidding says more about Obama and environmental foolishness that it does about your sense of humor or mine
Climate change encouraging Scotland's red deer to breed earlier (From Smallholder)
It is thought to be the result of improved grazing, due to the longer growing season in spring and summer.

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Anonymous said...

Musta been on some other planet. The Scotland on this planet had snow into late spring.