Monday, August 19, 2013


German Meteorologists Ridiculing IPCC – PIK Science: “Climate Hysterics Are Back…Coming Out Of Their Caves”
Weird: Over the last two rather cool and unsettled summers, we heard or saw almost nothing from the climate prophets. Also during the last colder than normal winters there was silence. Perhaps it is once again time for applying for new research funding …who knows, who knows…

Dominik Jung
Meteorologist, chief editor at
Arctic Sea Ice Extent is 1.3 million sq km higher than 2012 on the same day | sunshine hours
On Day 229 (August 17th) Arctic Sea Ice Extent is running 1.3 million sq km above where it was in 2012 on the same day.
Warmists: Urban heat island effect makes global warming worse on poor |
And how will making electricity and air conditioning more expensive and less available help?
Sayonara Warming-san: 3 reasons why Japanese interest in global warming ebbing, says Japanese university president |

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