Sunday, August 11, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - NASA rewrites the past
GISS record of temperature at Teigarhorn, Iceland:

Feb 1901: 0.0C - reported Nov 2011
Feb 1901: -0.9C - reported Mar 2012
Feb 1901: -1.2C - reported Aug 2013
The End Is Nigh - Not!: The Past is Getting Colder
My working hypothesis (which I will be happy to ditch given evidence refuting it) is that people within GISS are attempting to perpetuate the myth of Global Warming, and since today's temperatures stubbornly refuse to shift (flat since 1998!), they are 'making the past cooler' by fraud.
Quadrant Online - Vienna's rootin' Teuton travesty of science
Austria is justly proud of its scientists – Schroedinger, Mach, Doppler, and Pauli, to name a few. Hence I was excited to be visiting the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, or Vienna Museum of Natural History. It’s a stately pile in the city’s famed museum district.

The science there was great. But the global warming exhibits weren’t science, they were alarmist rubbish.

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