Sunday, August 11, 2013

Warmist Bob Ward on scientists fudging 1901 temperature data 110+ years later: "The idea that you would never update past temperature estimates based on new evidence is profoundly unscientific"


Joe Bastardi said...

What new evidence can you possibly have.. Did you go back and calibrate thermometers at site when readings occurred. This is a joke

You have the objective measurement now that starts in 1978. If there was an agenda for cooling that was in charge of these things, then you would be UPPING TEMPS based on evidence. The pre satellite era readings can be fudged anyway you want.

So here is my question. Did you have 5 thermometers out there in whatever year you are changing, verifying the site was reading too warm. I seriously doubt it. So you are making it up.Especially in the colder areas where you had no readings and the large areas that shut down weather stations in the old Soviet Union once they collapsed.

Scott said...

Yes, precisely, what in specific could you possibly learn about a site and a measurement 110 years ago that you didn't know then but know now? Anything new that you supposedly know about a site and measurement 110 years ago is nothing but conjecture.

Anonymous said...

And let me take a wild guess here...the cumulative affect of these adjustments make the present even warmer than it was compared to the unadjusted temperatures.
Outright fraud. An investigation by the FBI is warranted here for tampering with historical data without the scientific excuse to do so.