Monday, August 12, 2013


John Kerry: 'Climate Change' 'a Challenge to Our Responsibilities as the ... Safe Guarders of God's Creation' | CNS News
( - Reiterating a theme he presented two weeks ago at an Iftar dinner celebrating the end of Ramadan, Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday described "global climate change" as "a challenge to our responsibilities as the guardians--safe guarders of God's creation."

Kerry was speaking at an event announcing the creation of the State Department's Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives.
Meet the businesses who hope to cash in on climate change | The Verge
a recent study claimed that the effects of extremely hot days on peoples’ moods were akin to losing a spouse.
The Psychology of Summer: Why the Season Makes Us Lazy : The New Yorker
People get happier as days get longer and warmer in the approach to the summer solstice, and less happy as days get colder and shorter. They also report higher life satisfaction on relatively pleasant days. The happiest season, then, is summer.
Green car co. launched by Dem Virgina Guv candidate to miss production target by 99.7% |
Terry McAuliffe’s promise of one million cars annually gets scaled back to 30,000 — at least his form exceeded its quota for federal investigations?

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