Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Alberta faces hotter, drier future under climate change: monitoring report | Medicine Hat News
“We’ve had this little bit of an experiment 6,000 years ago, where it was roughly a couple of degrees warmer,” he said.
“All of the Above” Energy Means More Fracking, Renewables, Nukes and Clean Coal | Warmist David Biello - Scientific American Blog Network
After all, the CO2 already in the atmosphere is enough to ensure that the U.S. will endure more scenes of climate disruption, whether it’s Hurricane Sandy here in New York City or Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
No 100 Degree Temperature Readings In Missouri This Year | Real Science
Missouri has had no 100ºF readings this year, compared to 833 in 1936, and 675 in 1934.
Missouri August temperatures have been in decline since Mark Twain lived there, and were 6ºC cooler this summer than in 1936.
No 100 Degree Readings In Tennessee This Year | Real Science
Tennessee has recorded no 100ºF readings in 2013, compared to 211 in 1930. The five hottest summers in Tennessee were 1930, 1954, 1925, 1952, and 1936.

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