Sunday, August 18, 2013


Rene Sugar - Google+ - Climate Change Deniers on the House Science Committee
Climate Change Deniers on the House Science Committee (The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology)
All the GOP members of the committee deny climate change is a problem or refuse to state their position.
Twitter / LizNeeley: #scioClimate #scioNASA Words ...

Words that frighten me: "apparent run-away process"

Twitter / LizNeeley: Amazing - the factor limiting ...
Amazing - the factor limiting @NASAGoddard computing power right now? Cold water availability for cooling. #scioClimate
Twitter / JPvanYpersele: The Science of Science ...
The Science of Science Communication: September conference.
SSC2 agenda
Science in a Time of Controversy
8:45-9:30am Keynote address: Responding to the Attack on the Best Available Evidence
Kathleen Hall Jamieson (University of Pennsylvania)
Panel format: Three presenters are each followed by a response by discussants. Q&A with the audience caps each panel. All panels are moderated by Cara Santa Maria.
...Climate Change Workshop
Science content expert: Ralph Cicerone (National Academy of Sciences)
Communication researchers: Tony Leiserowitz (Yale University) and Nick Pidgeon (Cardiff University)
Communication practitioner: Heidi Cullen (Climate Central)
Facilitator: Lynn Litow Flayhart

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