Sunday, August 18, 2013

Public radio extensively quotes warmist Suzanne Goldenberg on alleged secret funding of climate skeptics; note that Goldenberg had absolutely no problem with the secret funding of Al Gore's failed $300m global warming propaganda campaign

Climate change denial organizations funded in secret by wealthy conservatives | PRI.ORG
Wealthy conservatives are funding climate change denial organizations, often more than a $1 million at a time, to try to keep the United States government from cracking down on business like oil companies. But the identities of these donors remain unknown.
...Conservatives are not the only group using anonymous donors, but their ideologies, many of which contradict scientific facts, are the most dangerous and should not be treated equally with messages backed by science, Goldenberg said.

"I think as a society we’d be concerned if organizations were taking secret money to go out and say, 'hey, smoke as many cigarettes as you like, it won't hurt you. hey, be afraid when you use a public washroom, you can get HIV aids from toilet seats,'" Goldenberg said. "I think it's a very different thing when you're talking about putting out information that is factually incorrect, and you're doing that in a secretive fashion."
2008: Gore unveils $300m advertising blitz to force climate debate | World news |
[Suzanne Goldenberg] Al Gore, elevated to almost prophetic status for his campaign against global warming, on Sunday night unveiled a new $300m advertising blitz intended to force a debate on climate change during the presidential elections.


Otter said...

Sorry, not slate, THIS one:

We've heard this claim since the late 80s.

The US government has had nearly 30 years to track these things down. Subpoena people. Call congressional committees to investigate. Find financial statements of individuals / groups. Make this ALL available to the public as proof of the claim.

Nothing. Nada. ZIP.

When are you going to stop lying to us?

Anonymous said...

Tom, read this:

A searing new report says the environmental movement is not winning and lays the blame squarely on the failed policies of environmental funders. The movement hasn't won any "significant policy changes at the federal level in the United States since the 1980s" because funders have favored top-down elite strategies and have neglected to support a robust grassroots infrastructure. Environmental funders spent a whopping $10 billion between 2000 and 2009 but achieved relatively little because they failed to underwrite grassroots groups that are essential for any large-scale change,the report says.

What's not clear to me is if that $10 billion was all used All for NGOs and the like (not for government science). The link in the article says the report was from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

I'm assuming that all that $10 billion was from philanthropy donations and hence used for NGOs and environmental organizations, etc.