Wednesday, August 07, 2013

New propaganda video from billionaire Tom Steyer, through his anti-Keystone XL group NextGen

Debunking Steyer’s Latest Stunt: Opponents Run Blatantly Fictitious Ad During Obama’s ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance - Oil Sands
Anyone living in the world of reality understands the enormous benefits of Keystone XL – and that’s why the latest poll shows that 70 percent of the American people want the pipeline to be built; that’s why unions have rallied at the White House for Keystone XL jobs; that’s why editorial boards across the country have called on President Obama to build Keystone XL; that’s why Democrats and Republicans in Congress have come together to pass bipartisan Keystone XL legislation. Those living in Steyer’s fictional world are the only ones not getting it.
Reject Keystone XL - YouTube
[Here's the one-minute video:  Where's the part about the pipeline causing bad weather?]

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