Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Steven Chu suggests that CO2 is causing increasing storms, droughts, wildfires, "this and that", and suffering

Former US Energy Secretary Steven Chu concerned over global warming | abc7news.com
He emphasizes, climate change continues to be his biggest concern.
Chu points out companies that protect the insurance industry are collecting data to prove global warming is having a huge impact on our daily lives.

"If you look at all the things, the storms, the draughts, the wildfires, the this and that, they seem they say it's been increasing, the numbers have been increasing," he said.

Chu says the federal government must do more to convince people if change doesn't happen quickly we'll be in trouble.

"This costs a lot of money. This costs a lot of money in financial losses, it costs a lot in terms of personal losses and suffering," he said.

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Anonymous said...

Is Chu British? And when he writes “draughts” does he mean the annoying, unwanted currents of cool air in an old house or the board game?