Thursday, September 05, 2013

Climate hoax propaganda for kids: CO2 is allegedly causing Greenland snow to be too deep for polar bears to travel; over the last decade, winters (in Utah?) have also allegedly decreased from 6 months to 3 months

Winter Athletes Sound the Alarm on Climate Change | Sports Illustrated Kids
...during [warmist Ingrid Backstrom's] visit a Greenlander told Backstrom that he had seen only one polar bear because the snow was too soft and deep for the bears to travel.
...Climate change has forced professional snowboarder Forrest Shearer to go on the run. Over the past decade he's seen the winter decrease from a six-month season (November to April) to a three-month season (January to March), so he has to travel to find the winter, wherever it may be. "Before we could go in our backyard," says Shearer, a resident of Utah who has appeared in and worked on numerous snowboarding films. "And now we have to travel to Alaska or Europe."

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