Thursday, September 05, 2013


EU agrees deal to pare its CO2 curbs on flights - News - Point Carbon
BRUSSELS, Sept 5 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The EU agreed a deal late Wednesday to scale back its law regulating CO2 from flights as U.N. negotiators pledged to craft a global pact on aviation emissions that would not take effect for seven years.
Handelsblatt Calls Germany’s Feed-In Act “Energy Madness”. Large Consumers Are Paid To Waste
The print edition of the Handelsblatt described in a feature titled “Energy Madness” how the absurd Germany’s energy feed-in act has become.
Flights in the Pacific Fingered as a Big Climate Culprit | Climate Central
The new study underscores the need for the meeting in Montreal. “It’s the non-CO2 effects with aviation that are really very significant,” said Steven Barrett, a professor at MIT, and the lead author of the study.

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