Thursday, September 05, 2013


NO… climate change is NOT cleaving the GOP in two |
Ex-Congressman Bob Inglis and an insurance-company supported think tank does not add up to a “cleaving” of the GOP.
Suzuki Says That There Is Massive Amounts Of Evidence For Climate Change | Real Science
Like record numbers of polar bears? Or the fewest number of tornadoes on record? Or no warming for 17 years?
UK energy minister: Fracking is ‘not evil’ |
“If we can have gas safely in this country that will mean jobs, tax revenue and greater energy security – so fracking is not the evil thing that some people try to make it out to be,” he said.
EPA chief to testify at Sep. 18 House hearing on Obama climate plan |
House Republicans have snagged high-profile witnesses for a Sept. 18 hearing on the White House’s new climate plan: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.
Pacific leaders put out climate change declaration as summit ends
The Majuro Declaration is light on details
Russia unlikely to deliver on climate change at G20
Barry Carin, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation told RTCC that climate change is “not on the G20 agenda, because there are no prospects for a successful outcome – so G20 organizers are rational in not setting themselves up for failure.”

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