Monday, September 16, 2013

Isn't it ironic?: Warmist Evan Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame argues that the news itself might be better written by industry professionals

Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Lays Out His Plan For The Future Of Media | TechCrunch
In addition to better content, the news itself might be better written by industry professionals. Climate deniers from conservative outlets, he argues, are a prime example of how the media has failed in its obligation to inform the public. During an extended rant on global warming during our conversation, he didn’t complete the explanation on why industry-professionals-as-writers would solve the problem. But, it’s easy to imagine that if nearly all climate scientists believe in man-made global warming, it would be difficult for media outlets to find a credible writer to claim otherwise.
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Two of the internet's top ten websites have been created by Evan Williams' companies: [Blogger and Twitter]

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