Monday, September 16, 2013

McKibben: What Exxon does on a daily basis is a million times as bad as dumping LSD in some town's water supply

Bill McKibben: “Being green won’t solve the problem” -
In the case of climate, it’s very clear who the radicals are. If you’re the CEO of an oil company, making a huge fortune by altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere, then you’re doing something so radical that nobody in the ‘60s would ever have thought of it. I remember reading once that in the ‘60s, people got really scared, because Abbie Hoffman or someone pretended he was going to dump LSD in some town’s water supply, and get everybody out of their minds as a prank. What Exxon does on a daily basis is a million times that, and it’s going to last for a million years. It’s just craziness.

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chris y said...

McKibben has a child. Peer reviewed science states that he has added 9441 tons of sewage to his carbon slick.

McKibben is funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation, which as we all know is the filthiest sort of money- old big oil money in the hands of one percenters.

McKibben installed solar panels on his Vermont home. Vermont has one of the lousiest solar insolation averages in the country, and Vermont already generates 99.6% of its electricity from nuclear, hydro and biomass, all carbon-free or carbon-neutral. Why does he think solar panels on a Vermont home makes any difference whatsoever?