Thursday, September 12, 2013


EXCLUSIVE: The main thing being produced by UK offshore Wind Farms – RUST….and CO2
Another Whitehall SNAFU: maintenance costs to sky-rocket as the negatives of offshore wind power bubble to the surface
Climate sceptic MP Dennis Jensen wants to be science minister
Coalition MP Dennis Jensen, who is a vocal climate science sceptic, has called on Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott to appoint him as science minister.
Dr Jensen suggests he would be better qualified than anyone to take charge of science.
The RSPB is fighting for wind turbines. The birds can fend for themselves » The Spectator
So when, exactly, did the RSPB transform itself from Britain’s foremost — and much loved — ornithological charity into yet another left-leaning environmentalist advocacy group?
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.@JoeSquawk @PeteFleck Joe! That's exactly what scientists do: improve models with new data/info. And climate models are already excellent.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Europe's leading energy companies want to put brakes on the building of new wind farms and solar panels
Europe's leading energy companies are warning that the European Union's climate change policy is destroying Europe's competitiveness. On Tuesday nine leading energy companies - GDF Suez, Eni, Enel, E.ON, RWE, GasTerra, Iberdrola, Gas Natural and Vattenfall - presented a package of proposals to the European Parliament

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