Thursday, September 12, 2013


Ukraine, Russia see record maize crop - International | IOL Business |
Kiev - Perfect weather in the top two grain producers in the Black Sea region - Ukraine and Russia - has created conditions for an all-time-high maize harvest of up to 40 million tonnes in 2013, half of which could be shipped abroad, analysts and officials say...“This year's weather was fantastic for maize - warm enough and with moderate level of rain,” said Tetyana Adamenko, head of the agriculture department in Ukraine's weather forecasting centre.
Remember All Those Breathy Predictions About An Ice Free Arctic By 2015? Nevermind... - Forbes
These hallucinations are strikingly similar to when we erroneously believe alarmists warned us about less snowfall, more hurricanes, shrinking Antarctic sea ice, the Gulf Stream shutting down, etc. When the earth’s climate reacts exactly in the opposite manner as predicted by global warming alarmists, they pretend they never made such scary predictions in the first place.
No Warming Left To Deny…Global Cooling Takes Over…CET Annual Mean Temperature Plunges 1°C Since 2000
Lately we’ve been seeing and hearing lots media reports of cooling and cold weather extremes. Global temperature data, such as HadCrut 4, show warming has disappeared altogether.
Arctic Ice Area Highest In Seven Years – Blows Away The Record For Ice Growth | Real Science
Arctic ice area is increasing, as new ice is forming rapidly north of 80N. Ice area is the highest since 2006.
Monthly NCDC US Fraud Update | Real Science
The next graph shows their alterations to August temperature. They have massively cooled the past and are starting to warm the present.

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