Thursday, September 12, 2013


PR Firm Enlisted to Convince Leaders to Ignore Public | NoFrakkingConsensus
The UN’s Climate Secretariat will get free PR advice so it can inspire politicians to take action. But the UN’s own survey says the public ranks climate change last among 16 priorities.
Climate models wildly overestimated global warming, study finds | Fox News
"I looked at 73 climate models going back to 1979 and every single one predicted more warming than happened in the real world," Christy said.
Pushing the reset button on city’s Canary Initiative | Aspen Daily News Online
“Does West Nile virus suddenly show up here, and do we need to account for that in our staffing?” she asked hypothetically.
Twitter / NASA_EO: Join @ClimateofGavin, @dustybowl, ...
Join , , and staff for a Twitter Q&A about climate on 9/18 at 2 pm. Use

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