Thursday, September 12, 2013


Southern Elephant Seals of Maritime Antarctica
The eight Spanish researchers report that the final numbers they derived represent an increase of 150% since the sub-population they studied was first counted some 30 years ago.
What's That You Say? Fish Can Hear Better in High-CO2 Water?
Armed with these experimental observations, Bignami et al. go on to demonstrate that "these changes could affect auditory sensitivity including a ~50% increase in hearing range at 2100 ppm CO2."
Jakarta will be underwater by 2030: DNPI | The Jakarta Post
The National Council on Climate Change (DNPI) predicts that half of Jakarta will be under water by 2030 due to global warming.

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chris y said...

Wait a second. 40% of Jakarta’s area is 2 meters below today’s sea level. Jakarta is also subsiding by up to 200 mm per year in the northern coastal regions, because it was built on a flood plain. What does this have to do with sea level rise of a couple of mm per year?

Oh that's right. They want someone else to pay to fix their mess.