Thursday, September 12, 2013


How the Romans used Hydraulic Fracturing
The Romans devised a method of extracting minerals by diverting rivers into escarpments. The force of the water eroded away the base of the escarpment until large sections crashed down.
Twitter / ivanoransky: Skeptics should take aim at ...
Skeptics should take aim at science in big journals, not just creationism and other low-hanging fruit, says
Bill Lueders: State cool to climate-change action : Ct
Of the more than 600 bills introduced in Wisconsin’s 2013-14 legislative session, none contains the terms "climate change," "greenhouse gases" or "global warming," and only a handful deal with energy policy.
Twitter / climate_ice [Jason Box]
ice is nature's thermometer
Why firefighters are scared of solar power | Grist
a lot of firefighters have seemingly made up their minds about dealing with solar. An expert on fire forensics told Reuters that he’s heard from firefighters who, when faced with a blaze in a solar panel-equipped building, will turn their attention to “defensive” firefighting, which means making sure non-burning buildings stay that way.

The solar industry is well aware of the issue.

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