Sunday, September 15, 2013


Snow Falling In The Colorado High Country | Real Science
Global warming is hitting us hard here today. All that fossil fuel powered super-heated unseasonably cold air holds excess moisture, which is producing summer snow east of the Continental Divide.
US Precipitation Back To Normal In 2013 | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Nationally over the last 12 months, precipitation has actually been running above normal.
Climate change: déjà vu all over again
Readers today no doubt enjoyed yesterday's revelations in the Mail on Sunday, telling us that global warming is "just half what had been previously predicted", as "world's top climate scientists admit computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong".

This is good to know, really good, but it really isn't news, not to those of us with memories who recall a piece on 27 December 2008 telling us that "2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved".
IPCC: We Predicted Less Antartic Ice and We Have No Idea Why It Is Increasing | sunshine hours
David Rose is getting a lot of hate for telling the truth about shoddy climate models.

But this quote from the leaked upcoming AR5 jumped out at me:

“‘Most models simulate a small decreasing trend in Antarctic sea ice extent, in contrast to the small increasing trend in observations… There is low confidence in the scientific understanding of the small observed increase in Antarctic sea ice extent.’

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