Sunday, September 15, 2013


Whatever happens to old Climate Scientists? | Omnologos
Kukla believes all glacial periods in Earth’s history began with global warming (understood as an increase of area-weighted average global mean temperature). He believes Earth’s recent warming is mostly natural and will ultimately lead to a new ice age.
German Media Now Sharply Attacking Once Beloved Green Energy Feed-In Act…”Completely Out Of Control”
Not long ago, all of Germany’s political parties and media, whether socialist, green, liberal or conservative, embraced and voted into law the green energy feed-in act (EEG). The few remaining outspoken opponents were marginalized as political Neanderthals and climate deniers.

Now fast-forward 5 years to today. My oh my how perceptions have changed. As the costs and the technical folly become more apparent, major back-pedaling is beginning. Once the darling of the media, Germany’s renewable energy feed-in act (EEG) is now coming under heavy fire. Energy prices have been skyrocketing, and CO2 emissions aren’t going down by any measure.
The Ten Deadliest Tornadoes | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
the list gives a useful historical insight.
Warmist McKibben: ‘I don’t know that I feel like a hypocrite anymore. I mean, I fly all the time’ |

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